MUNISING, Mich. (WJMN) – A yearly contest run by the Munising Downtown Development Authority allows people in the area to showcase their artistic talents to everyone who drives through town. With the goal of beautifying downtown, artists of all ages can submit their work to be featured on banners along Highway M-28 through downtown.

“This year, it’s about what makes Munising unique,” said Kristen Sotag-Long, Art Teacher for Munising Middle and High School. “In the past we’ve had other topics but that was the topic for this year. What makes Munising so unique, so that’s kind of what I asked the kids. What, you know, what is different about our town from other communities, other places, and some kids kind of don’t really realize how cool Munising is.”

This year, ten students from Munising Middle and High School were chosen to have their art featured downtown.

“I submitted a watercolor piece of the West Side waterfall in Munising,” said Cassidy Britton, a junior at Munising High School. “I kind of chose it because it’s meaningful to me and we go there on our boat rides every summer, so it’s very special to me.”

“I made the Pictured Rocks with the shipwreck underneath because my dad, he’s really into boating,” said Natalie Hermann, an 8th grader at Munising Middle School (MMS). “And he we actually own our own boat and I know he really likes boats. So that was my first ideas like, oh, I should do the shipwrecks. And then I also work down at the Pictured Rocks Cruises, and it’s kind of like a family tradition for all of us to go down there and work each year. So I also added the pictured rocks there behind it.”

“I put like a camper on it in a fire pit,” Kinley Hall, a 7th grader at MMS. “In the summer. We go camping sometimes and it’s just the tourists go out there all the time.”

“I did a kayak on Lake Sueperior because lots of people like to kayak and I like to kayak too. And people just like to go kayaking,” Keelan Hase, a 7th grader at MMS. “When you look on the lake, there’s lots of people out there. Tourists like to go do it too.”

“I chose Pictured Rocks because a lot of tourists come here to see it,” said Tamryn Nolan, an 8th grader at MMS. “It’s 300 feet and people like kayaking by it. So I added kayaks.”

Based on tourism expectations for 2022, over million people will have a chance to view some of the art highlighting the town’s unique characteristics. You can get a small preview of some the work below: