FORSYTH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – A group of neighbors from Forsyth Township are being applauded for their efforts to take advantage of warmer weather to improve the fish habitat of a popular recreational fishing spot.

In a Facebook post from Forsyth township, the volunteers took it upon themselves to place logs and brush bundles along select locations of Big Shag Lake.

According to the Facebook post:

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR)-permitted Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Project called for the placement of woody debris (specifically, 6 logs and 4 brush bundles) to restore fish habitat in the lake. Locations were selected based on water depth, distance from shore, lake bottom topography, and lack of natural woody debris in the area.

Logs and brush bundles will submerge in-place during the spring thaw with the aid of attached cement block anchors. Items will submerge at such depths (12-17 feet) not to impede boating or entangle motor props. Holes were drilled into the ice and the water depth at each location was verified with an electronic depth-finder. All items placed on the ice were also flagged and tagged for identification. Adjacent landowner approval was obtained for all selected locations. DNR representatives were also on-hand to help with the project.

Forsyth Township officials expressed thanks to all who participated. The pubic is asked to not move or remove the items placed on the ice.