MICHIGAMME, Mich. (WJMN) – As August came to a close in the Upper Peninsula, popular pollinators like hummingbirds were still active. During the final week of the month, our cameras captured these tiny birds as they flitted and fed there way through the town of Michigamme in Marquette County.

On the day we recorded them, there were five birds spotted, sipping from a sugar water feeder. There was one bird who was the boss of the group, fending off the other birds for position at the tree.

Capturing this video was a challenge in itself. The camera was only about three feet away from the feeder. It took more than ten minutes of sitting in still silence before the first hummingbird would venture from its perch to feed. The video has been dramatically slowed down to show the motion of these birds. It was recorded at 120 frames per second. The average camera records at 24 frames.

According to the Michigan DNR, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird is one of the most common in the state. The DNR said, “You may never see a hummingbird nest – it’s a remarkably sturdy construction about the size of a shot glass – but you’ll likely hear them vigorously defending their territory or see a male courting a mate. A good way to both help you see hummingbirds and to help them get the fuel they need is to hang up a hummingbird feeder. The nectar they count on is easy and inexpensive to make at home following these instructions from the National Audubon Society.”