Remarkable women: Jamie Shelton

Remarkable Women

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) – Jamie Shelton moved to the Upper Peninsula after visiting in November of 2019 to help do insurance examinations that had been outstanding.

“They told me they really didn’t have anybody up here doing them so I came up here and I met a couple insurance agents and just drove around and just fell in love with the beauty,” said Shelton. “You know and the people are so nice up here they’re very welcoming, you know and they tell you directions because up here you need directions but yeah they were so welcoming and I just fell in love with the area and I found out there was a dire need for phlebotomists so after doing the research I thought ‘well let’s move up there open a training center for phlebotomy’ so we did.”

Shelton says the business is important because it adds job opportunities and skilled workers to the area.

“It’s important because the lack of phlebotomists up here, you have people who don’t have the proper training to draw blood and phlebotomy is the art of drawing blood and after their trained they can also do COVID testing as well,” said Shelton.

Shelton’s sister and father joined her in moving to the Upper Peninsula. Tiffani Welzin, sister, nominated Shelton as a remarkable woman.

“I think she’s a pretty remarkable woman, she’s ran a business in Dearborn she’s turned it into a million-dollar business in three years and when she came up here she fell in love and we thought she was crazy but she decided to just pick up and move everybody up here,” said Welzin.

Shelton has five children and four were adopted when she was single.

“I absolutely love them to pieces, I became a foster parent downstate and every foster child that came in through my doors I fell in love with and ultimately adopted,” said Shelton.

Welzin says her sister is younger but is a leader and an incredibly caring person.

“She’s just an incredibly caring person, she tries to keep up that hard exterior but inside she’s very caring and loving and she’d do anything for anybody,” said Welzin.

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