MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – Jamie Thayer is a woman who wears many hats in the Marquette County area, from business owner to human rights advocate. Thayer owns Anytime Fitness of Harvey and is co-owner of GLOW Sculpting Spa and Jessica & Company salon.

“I just love people. If I can make an impact and show people, at least one person, that they are worthy and that they are so much more magnificent than they thought they were, then I’ve done something good,” said Jamie Thayer, a Local 3 Remarkable Women finalist.

Her main missions are spreading positivity and helping to boost people’s self-esteem and overall wellness.

“We’re here to boost confidence of people, that’s what we love, in whatever avenue that is. Whether it’s fitness, wellness, chiropractic care, nutritional support, and beauty.”

Thayer is also a Survivor Support Committee Member/presenter educator on the Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force. Over the years, she has become not only passionate about bringing awareness to human trafficking and domestic violence on a personal level, but also with her businesses.

“We’re doing outreach with this, where we are removing tattoos related to domestic violence situations or victims of human trafficking. We’re doing this for free. So, it’s been really rewarding to partner with these organizations, and be a part of this whole movement of empowerment. And it’s not only women, but it’s also men, too, that are experiencing this or victims of this.”

Thayer’s best friend and business partner at GLOW Sculpting Spa, Stephanie Wautier, was one of many who nominated Jamie for the Remarkable Women contest.

“The title is Remarkable Women, and Jamie is truly remarkable. I mean, if anyone meets here, she’s so upbeat and charismatic,” said Wautier. “The thing that’s so extraordinary about Jamie, though, is that everyone she meets she tries to lift them up. She is an encourager. So that to me says so much, it just speaks volumes. She’s a gorgeous woman and we might think ‘Oh, she’s got it all together’, but the thing that’s so truly amazing is that Jamie cares about you.”

Whether she’s at the gym, the spa, or the salon, Thayer always finds a way to give back to her community.

“I really love getting involved with the community because, for one, it feels really good to give back, and when you can see the direct impact right in your community with your neighbors, your friends, people that you see every day like we do have this tight-knit community. It’s a really cool, powerful thing,” said Thayer.