IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) – Sherri Erickson was nominated as a remarkable woman by her husband Randy Erickson because of her giving heart.

“My wife is amazing, we’ve been together 33 years and she’s always had like a servant’s heart ever since we were younger she’s always gotten involved in everything whether it be fundraisers for the kids school programs or you know anything,” said Randy. “Then especially I saw that when we moved here she got involved in everything without her in the GFWC … gal-a-rama which she got going it would have never been as successful because she really had a passion.”

Randy says the program helped get coats, boots and other clothing for children in need.

“That’s when I really got to see that she had this heart that just wanted to be involved in everything and give back to the community,” said Randy.

Sherri and Randy moved to Iron Mountain from Escanaba twelve years ago.

“When we kind of first moved here it was really important for me to be apart of the GFWC women’s club in Iron Mountain because I was a member in Escanaba prior to moving here and it’s a wonderful club and one of the fundraisers that I helped get started gal-a-rama and I had some help getting that started but we had a really successful run with it,” said Sherri.

Sherri says organizations like the General Federation of Women’s clubs are important in the community.

“It’s a group of women that get together and do some important things for our community and a lot of outreach it’s important to be a part these groups in your communities to make a difference because this is where we live and we want it better where we live,” said Sherri.

The Erickson’s moved to Iron Mountain to purchase their own jewelry store, Erickson Jewelers. They’ve worked in the jewelry industry together for over 20 years. Sherri says one thing she is proud of is their work to own their own business.

“Of course I’m very proud of my children and I’m proud of the effort that we made to be a working mom and raise them and you know that’s a challenge for all working moms and so that’s something I’m very proud of,” said Sherri. “And the fact that I never in a million years dreamed that I would actually own a jewelry store but it became such a passion and we absolutely love what we do and being that my husband and I have been doing it together for so long we thought why not own a store together and it was difficult it was not easy to make this happen and I’m really proud of the fact that we stuck with it and we did it together.”

Randy says he admires the character his wife has.

“She’s a great wife and a great mother and she’s just been perfect so I feel pretty blessed to be able to have her in my life and everything she does she puts her whole heart into and I just really admire that character she has,” said Randy.

Sherri was also recently chosen to sit on the board of directors of the Independent Jewelers Organization. The organization has 800 members and 10 board members.