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Which tennis shoes for kids are best?

Tennis shoes are a necessity for any rising athlete, and choosing the right pair for a child is important for both performance and comfort. Each kid is unique, so whether they are beginners or advanced, there is a perfect shoe for them. 

If you need to buy a new set of kids tennis shoes, here are some pointers on how to maximize quality and find the right fit.

Key elements to consider before buying kids tennis shoes


breathable shoe

Tennis is an aerobic exercise because of the length of sets and constant movement on the court. With that in mind, it may be worth looking for a breathable shoe to reduce sweat and odor. Besides the pros of a shoe with little odor, an insole that wicks sweat is an important feature when optimizing performance during a  match. In this case, opt for a mesh material for a more comfortable fit.


starter pair

Encouraging a child to participate in sports and activities is incredibly enriching, but it is important to consider the longevity of their involvement in the sport. Before investing in an expensive pair of tennis shoes, begin with a starter pair that will support them during practice and let them get an idea of the sport before committing to a more expensive pair. Fortunately, tennis shoes can be used every day for other sports, outdoor play and everything in between.


Tennis is a wonderful sport for any age. However, as with any piece of clothing, you should be wary of buying an expensive, high-quality pair of shoes if your athlete is still growing into their adult size. Of course, this is up to preference and budget.


Tennis is a fast-paced sport, requiring a lot of stamina and speed. Because of this, having a tennis shoe that provides ankle and arch support will help prevent injury when making quick moves on the court. While other factors could cause injury, it’s important to take caution wherever possible and look for a pair of shoes with a supportive insole.


After purchasing your new tennis shoes, check the laces to make sure they are tied optimally to enhance your young athlete’s performance. Criss-crossed laces between the eyelets is going to provide the most ankle support, so pay close attention to this detail before using your new shoes.


A shoe’s traction is one of its most important factors. Without the proper grooves in the outsole, athletes are at risk of ankle and knee injuries if they slip when gliding on the court. To prevent this, selecting a shoe with proper grooves is essential.

Since there are three types of tennis court, it is important to recognize what each court demands from an athlete. If your child spends most of their time playing on one type of court, that will help you determine the level of traction the shoe will need.

Court variety

Clay courts

WILSON Unisex-Child Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoes

It’s very easy to slide on clay courts — the kind of court many tennis players favor, and the ones used in the French Open. Clay slows down the ball so players can lean into their speed to make moves. While capitalizing on speed is a smart technique, it can lead to injury and ankle-rolling when kids are running across the court. A sturdy shoe with ankle support will make for a stronger on-court performance.

Hard courts

a shoe

This style of court is most common and can vary in quality. Some courts are more slick than others, so it’s worth investing in a good quality shoe. Since hard courts can be so diverse, it’s best to look for a shoe with a durable sole. To prevent tripping, the tip of the outsole is curved up to protect the athlete from catching their toe on the ground. While it is good to find a shoe with a hardy outsole, it’s just as valuable to find a pair that is lightweight to enhance speed.

Grass courts

grass courts

Grass courts can be new terrain for players, but they are the best option for protecting joints. Some athletes prefer a cleat-like shoe for playing on grass. However, as long as a shoe has some form of tread, it will serve them well. The surface is often more slick than the other two types of courts, so a shoe with a supportive sole and grooves will help them dig into the ground and bounce to deliver a serve.

What are the best kids tennis shoes to buy?

Top kids tennis shoes

Adidas Racer TR21 Shoes

Adidas Racer TR21 Shoes

Designed with tennis players’ speed and movements in mind, this pair has lateral grooves to enhance cuts and quick turns, and cloud cushioning for the midsole. Not to mention, they are lightweight but still provide support and strength to the ankle. 

Sold by Adidas

Top kids tennis shoes for money

Wilson Kaos Junior QL Tennis Shoes

Wilson Kaos Junior QL Tennis Shoes

These are the best choice for beginners who are still deciding if they want to move into a competitive league. They have all of the ideal features of a more professional tennis shoe — deep traction grooves, cushioned insoles and ankle support — so your child will get an authentic experience during play.

Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Courtjam Tennis Shoe

Adidas Courtjam Tennis Shoe

With a unique, reinforced lifted toe, these tennis shoes are perfect for the sport. These feature durable and breathable outsole material making them a wonderful choice for players looking for a well-rounded sneaker.

Sold by Amazon


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