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Which suture practice kits are best?

You don’t need to be a medical student to want to learn how to suture up a wound. With suture practice kits, anyone can further develop their emergency medical training and potentially save someone from life-threatening infections and other dangers. They’re especially useful for rough-and-tumble occupations associated with the outdoors, like farming, as suturing can be done to animals as well.

The best suture practice kit is the ARTAGIA Suture Practice Kit, which comes packed with pieces like multiple blades and two different kinds of suture threads.

What to know before you buy a suture practice kit

Why a suture practice kit?

Suture practice kits were originally intended for use by medical students to allow them to practice more affordably by increasing reusability. Today, they are used by many professionals outside the medical field, especially by those who simply strive to be prepared. If you aren’t a medical student, try to select a kit with online lessons. This way, you’ll have something to compare your work to.

What to look for in a quality suture practice kit


Most suture practice kits include the same core contents: a case, various tools, threads and the suture practice pad. Anything else is typically considered an extra.

Case: It might not seem like a deal breaker if your suture practice kit doesn’t include a case, but it’s actually more important than you think. Nearly all of the contents of a suture practice kit are small enough to be easily lost and frequently are greatly affected by their environments. Losing or damaging even one piece can ruin the whole suture practice kit, so make sure yours comes with a case.

Tools: Suture practice kits include the same six key tools: scalpel blades and handles, surgical scissors, adson forceps, needle drivers with gap-free teeth and curved mosquito forceps with aligned teeth. It is extremely important for you to know that none of these tools are medical-grade! You save as much money as you do on a suture practice kit because of this fact. If you aren’t in a medical field and are serious about being medically prepared, you’ll need to purchase the correct tools for the real thing.

Threads: The threads are the most varied inclusion in any given suture practice kit. They can be made of one of several materials and in one of three sizes. Many suture practice kits have at least two to three types for a wider practice range, as different thread specifics are needed for specific sutures.

Suture practice pad: The most important part of the suture practice kit. They are constructed from silicone of various layers to mimic the qualities of skin, have different shaped cuts so you can practice all the different suture types and are usually about 5 inches by 7 inches in size.

Extras: The possible extras in a suture practice kit can be just about anything. They might have gloves, extra threads, online learning accesses and more. Don’t focus on the extras too much, since the most important parts are the four key components above.

How much you can expect to spend on a suture practice kit

Suture practice kits are rarely available at costs outside the typical price range of $25-$50. Those costing $30 or less tend to have only the bare minimum of parts to practice your suture skills and occasionally may not include a case for the protection of the limited equipment. Suture practice kits in hte $30-$40 range are preferred by many, as most will include everything you need for practice and a case to store it all in, as well as some extras, depending on the brand.  Suture practice kits in the $40-$50 range typically have even more of everything.

Suture practice kit FAQ

What’s the best way to keep my suture practice pad from moving during suturing?

A. Many suture practice kits have suture practice pads with non-slip bottoms to avoid this very issue. When shopping for a suture practice kit, prioritize this aspect. If you’ve already got a suture practice kit without a non-slip suture practice pad, you can try using double-sided tape or another sticky or grippy tool to secure it to a surface. You can also try grip pads like those specifically made for rugs. 

Can I/should I clean a suture practice pad after use?

A. You can, and should, clean a suture practice pad after use. It’s easy too, as most just need a quick rinse under the tap. Make sure to air dry it, though, so no threads or scraps of paper towel stick to the silicone. If it’s dirtier than usual, it’s perfectly safe to use a solution of water and dish soap as well. Think of it all as practice cleaning a wound.

What’s the best suture practice kit to buy?

Top suture practice kit 

ARTAGIA Suture Practice Kit

ARTAGIA Suture Practice Kit

What you need to know: This is a top-quality suture practice kit from top to bottom at a great price.

What you’ll love: The included storage case helps keep all the pieces together and protects them for increased durability.

What you should consider: The practice pad might wear down a little faster than some would appreciate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top suture practice kit for the money

Suture Skills Suture Practice Kit

Suture Skills Suture Practice Kit

What you need to know: Multiple thread types set this suture practice kit apart, allowing you to practice more kinds of stitching.

What you’ll love: This suture practice kit includes access to an online instructional video for easy-to-follow learning.

What you should consider: The included tools aren’t the highest quality, but they aren’t bad either.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The Apprentice Doctor Suture Practice Kit

The Apprentice Doctor Suture Practice Kit

What you need to know: One of the largest available suture practice kits comes with tons of extra pieces and parts.

What you’ll love: This suture practice kit includes an ebook, as well as online learning access.

What you should consider: Many found the artificial skin practice pad to be the weakest piece of this suture practice kit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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