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Which Lasko heater is best?

Lasko heaters are durable and versatile yet reasonably priced, so they’re great for anyone looking to buy a quality electric space heater. Whether you want to heat a single room when you’re the only person home, boost the power of your central heating or warm up your garage or workshop, Lasko makes some fantastic options. For mid-sized spaces, the Lasko Bladeless Space Heater, which is easy to use and features an eight-hour timer, is a great choice. 

What to know before you buy a Lasko heater

Types of Lasko heaters

You can find Lasko heaters in a range of varieties, so learning more about each will help you find the right one for you:

  • Tower: Tower heaters are tall and slim, so they can heat a decent area without taking up too much floor space. 
  • Compact: Compact heaters are great for heating small areas, such as the area around your desk in a chilly office or a reading nook at home. 
  • Designer series: Lasko’s designer series contains a range of heaters with elegant designs, which is ideal if you want the warmth of a heater but don’t like the look of standard ones. 
  • Hybrid: Hybrid heaters work both as heaters and fans so that you can get more use out of them. 

Heat controls and temperature settings

Most heaters made by Lasko have both heat controls and temperature settings. Once you know the difference between them, it’s easy to control the temperature in your space so that it’s just how you like it: 

  • Heat controls: In most cases, you’ll find just high and low heat settings. The low setting is best for milder conditions and the high setting is for when it’s extremely cold. 
  • Temperature settings: Many Lasko space heaters have built-in thermostats. You can choose a temperature setting. Your heater turns off when the set temperature is reached, so you don’t get too toasty. However, these settings don’t change the output of the heater. They simply dictate when it turns on and off. 

Ceramic heating elements

All Lasko heaters are electric, but most use ceramic heating elements instead of aluminum ones. Ceramic heating elements release significantly more heat and hold onto this heat for longer periods. They also stay cooler to the touch than most other types of heating elements, which helps the casing stay cool and reduces the risk of burning yourself on your heater. 

What to look for in a quality Lasko heater


Most tower heaters oscillate from left to right to blow hot air over a wider area and warm up more of your space. However, if you only need to warm yourself while stationary, you can turn the oscillation off. 

Remote control

Some Lasko heaters have remote controls to let you turn them on and off more easily and control the temperature settings and thermostat. 


If you want to be able to set your heater to turn off automatically, choose one with a timer.

How much you can expect to spend on a Lasko heater

You can find some compact and basic tower models for less than $50, while high-end options cost up to $200. 

Lasko heater FAQ

Can I leave a Lasko heater on all night?

A. Although modern heaters are extremely safe, it still isn’t a good idea to leave them on all night, just in case. However, you can use the timer function to keep you warm while you fall asleep, safe in the knowledge your heater will turn itself off after a set period.

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity? 

A. Although they’re efficient, electric space heaters still use quite a lot of energy. The cost of running them varies depending on your energy tariff, but it’s usually cheaper to heat your home with central heating. That said, when you only need to heat one room, running a space heater is often cheaper than heating your whole home. 

How big an area will a space heater warm? 

A. This can vary depending on various factors, such as how well-insulated a room is and the temperature outside. However, you can roughly estimate it by looking at the wattage of a heater. You need around 10 watts of power for every square foot of room you want to heat. So, you’d need a 1,000-watt heater for a 150-square-foot room.

What’s the best Lasko heater to buy?

Top Lasko heater

Best Lasko Bladeless Space Heater

Lasko Bladeless Space Heater

What you need to know: Thanks to its high-tech bladeless design, this heater runs extremely quietly. 

What you’ll love: It has simple digital controls with adjustable temperature settings and high and low heat settings. It heats uniformly and can warm large areas. The remote control lets you switch between settings without getting up. 

What you should consider: Although most find it quiet, some users complain it’s too loud, which could be subjective or might be due to faulty units. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lasko heater for the money

Best Lasko Small Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko Small Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heater 

What you need to know: This compact heater is a good choice for small spaces. 

What you’ll love: It has high and low settings, plus a fan-only setting for cooling. Since it’s light and has a convenient handle, it’s easy to carry it to wherever you need it. 

What you should consider: It gets hot to the touch, which isn’t great around kids and pets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

What you need to know: Keeping warm is easy with this oscillating tower heater with its adjustable thermostat. 

What you’ll love: You can choose between high and low settings. The timer is great for peace of mind, knowing your heater will shut off safely by itself. It has a digital control panel and a remote control. 

What you should consider: The beeping noises it makes when you adjust the settings are annoyingly loud.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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