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Which portable file box is best?

No matter what kind of files you need to transport, several different file boxes exist, from simple models with a convenient handle, all the way to fireproof, weatherproof and locking portable file boxes – which may be what you need, depending on your circumstances.

For the utmost security and portability, this Vaultz Locking Portable File Box is small and features a convenient handle for transport, while including dual combination locks on the front for security.

What to know before you buy a portable file box


If you need something soft, you might consider looking at the best fireproof document bags, which serve a similar purpose to that of portable file boxes. Others may prefer portable file boxes with specific features, such as locks, as well as fireproof and waterproof materials.

File capacity

Make sure the capacity of the file box you purchase is large enough to store the documents you need to transport. Most portable file boxes have a capacity of about 10 to 30 files, although they can vary quite a bit.

Transportation needs

Consider when and how often you’ll need to transport your files. If you have a specific amount of space where you hope to put your file box, you’ll want to get one that fits in that space. A convenient handle or wheels can help with transporting a larger portable file box.

What to look for in a quality portable file box


A portable file box usually has a good handle compared to most designed to sit under desks or in corners. Portable file boxes with a handle can be as bare bones as just a handle and a latching lid, or they may include multiple handles for easy carrying.


If you’re going to be traveling with your file box, it’s important to get a file box that won’t degrade while you travel. Finding a durable portable file box isn’t exactly tough, but avoid anything cardboard or in soft fabric that may become misshapen over time.


File boxes often contain important documents, which is why many elect to get portable file boxes that are as secure as possible. Choose a portable file box with a lock or multiple locks, and opt for ones that are fireproof and/or waterproof.

How much you can expect to spend on a portable file box

Portable file boxes vary in price, largely depending on what features and build qualities they have. Most buyers can find cheap portable file boxes for $15-$20, while other models with additional features may cost $25-$60.

Portable file box FAQ

Are there portable file boxes with wheels?

A. You can find a number of portable file boxes with wheels, making them even easier to transport from one place to the next. In most cases, however, you may end up paying a little bit extra for models that include wheels.

Is it worth getting a locking portable file box?

A. If you’re keeping your portable file box in a somewhat public place such as an office or home, it can be helpful to find a portable file box that includes a lock or multiple locks. Locking portable file boxes exist in a variety of configurations.

What’s the best portable file box to buy?

Top portable file box

Vaultz Locking Personal Document Tote and Letter-Size Portable File Box

Vaultz Locking Personal Document Tote and Letter-Size Portable File Box

What you need to know: For those who need a secure, locking file box that’s portable, this legal and letter-sized file tote includes a handle, dual combination locks and a chrome label holder.

What you’ll love: This document includes organizational tabs and a durable build. This portable file box is available in black, tactical black and super tactical designs.

What you should consider: This file box may not have enough internal space for the needs of some buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top portable file box for the money

Pendaflex Black Portable File Box With Secure Handle and Latch System

Pendaflex Black Portable File Box With Secure Handle and Latch System

What you need to know: This portable file box is very affordable and comes with a secure latching system as well as a handle and an unassuming black design.

What you’ll love: This file box has all the basics you need to transport letters and legal-sized documents. It comes with three reinforced hanging folders and features enough space to fit approximately 12 hanging folders total.

What you should consider: Despite the price, this portable file box is not fireproof or locking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DocSafe Fireproof Soft Portable File Box With Hook-and-Loop Lid and Fabric Handles

DocSafe Fireproof Soft Portable File Box With Hook-and-Loop Lid and Fabric Handles

What you need to know: Featuring an easy-to-carry soft exterior design, this portable file box is fireproof and waterproof, and it utilizes a simple hook-and-loop-attaching lid.

What you’ll love: This file box is probably handier to carry than most with its fabric handles, and is collapsible when not in use. It features a lot of internal space to hold around 15-20 legal- and letter-sized documents.

What you should consider: While it is fireproof, this soft portable file box does not lock.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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