Can you dig it? Delta County Nonmotorized trails hosts ‘We dig Wednesdays’ for new trails

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DELTA COUNTY, Mich., (WJMN) – Delta County Non-motorized trails picked up a project that was started in 2015 to add new single-track mountain biking trails to the Days River Pathway.

They recently finished mapping out the trails and have now begun the process of putting those trails in. The organization rented a mini-excavator for roughing out the trails according to Rick Elrod DCNT’s secretary.

“We rented a mini-excavator so we’ve got that equipment out here kind of speeding along that progress and helping with that first initial rough cut of the trail and then we’re following up that equipment with hand tools,” said Elrod.

Elrod says it’s a multistage process to get the trails ready to go but it turns out to be a really nice trail when done.

“Volunteers are going out with rakes and they make some specific trail building tools called macleods that have kind of a sharp edge on one side and a rake on the other so those work really well and just limb loppers and things like that to cut the roots that are sticking up out of the dirt and just kind of smooth it off with rakes afterward,” said Elrod.

They will be installing twelve miles of trails and Elrod says they hope to rough out the first three miles this year. They have about one and a half miles of trail started after three weeks of work.

“It’s not extremely strenuous activities it’s mostly just kind of raking and some chopping of roots,” said Elrod. “So we can get anyone out here volunteering on the trail and the more hands we have working on it the faster progress we can make.”

DCNT is able to provide most of the tools for people interested in volunteering. Elrod says they do ask people bring masks for times when they might be close to others.

“We have COVID precautions still in place so we advise people that are coming out ot volunteer to make sure that they bring a mask with them for those close quarter interactions with when they’re signing paperwork and things like that,” said Elrod. “Bring work gloves for out on the trail and a bottle of water just to stay hydrated most of the tools we have on site.”

DCNT will host their “We dig Wednesdays” workbees until the middle of October. You can find more information about them on their Facebook page.

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