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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich., (WJMN) – Dickinson County has rich mining history which dates back to the late 1870s because of this history, there are many old buildings that may have some ghostly residents.

Local Haunted History 2020 hosted by the Menominee Range Historical Museums gives residents the chance to share some of these spooky stories. Keith Huotari member of the Menominee Range Historical Foundation, says they thought the online event would be fun for Halloween-time.

“Menominee Range Historical Foundation Museums were not able to open this summer due to the pandemic of course and our promotional committee was looking for ways to engage our friends of the museum in different ways while the museums were closed,” said Huotari. “And being the time of year that it is being around Halloween we thought of the idea of engaging in ghost stories.”

Huotari says with COVID-19 this year they were unable to open their museums. This is one way they are able to connect with friends of the Menominee Range Historical Museums until they can be open again.

“Our area is rich in tradition of old buildings and old residences and caves and trails and things like that so we thought maybe we could engage our friends who maybe down through their lineage, we all seem to have a lineage, that might be a parent or a grandparent or a great-grandparent, that relayed stories around the campfires of you know, ghastly, ghostly, garish goings on and things that go bump in the night and all those kind of fun things that are true maybe not true,” said Huotari.

People have started sharing stories on Facebook in the local haunted history group. Huotari says he enjoys the passion of the story telling and how once one person has a story someone else can add to it with their own experiences.

“It’s almost like oh yeah that reminds me of this and that reminds me of that you know I had my dog barking at a wall that was renovated from years ago you know and I’ve been standing in my living room and I hear footsteps up above me and I’m the only one in my house, or am I,” said Huotari. “You know, those kinds of things, it’s I think the passion that people have in it and it’s kind of new, it’s different and I just think that really spawns a lot of interest from people.”

This year the museums were unable to open but according to Huotari, the Menominee Range Historical Foundation is still trying to keep engaged while they prepare to welcome visitors again someday.

“The area is rich in tradition and it’s unfortunate that we had to close the museums you know we suffered like a lot of different people did and businesses and so forth,” said Huotari. “But we’ll keep engaged throughout the fall into the winter and next spring hopefully we’ll come back bigger better and stronger than before.

If you have a story to share visit the local haunted history 2020 Facebook page or the Menominee Range Historical Museums website.

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