Sun 101: Facts on Solar Energy

South Central UP

ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) — The Land & Liberty Coalition is a group of local citizens who support clean and renewable energy developments to help the fight against climate change.

One of the members, Peter Sinclair, hosted a community event at Bay College in Escanaba to educate the public on the benefits of solar energy.

Peter Sinclair, Land & Liberty Coalition Member said, “We’re here for the governors U.P. Energy Task Force, we’re talking about the energy future for the U.P. and a lot of people would like to move away from fossil fuels, including myself, and if we are going to do that, then we need to talk about the best sources of non-fossil fuel energy.”

Sinclair explained how the financial value of utilizing solar energy can benefit the public and businesses that make the change.

“Wind is the cheapest new source of electrical generation anywhere. Solar is coming up really fast on the outside. Gas still has some competitive advantage, but it’s fading in large part because people are recognizing it’s another fossil fuel that we have to move away from inevitably,” said Sinclair.

Sinclair believes if the state, the country, and the world are going to act on Solar Energy, the time is to act now.

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