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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) – The Good Earth Salon in Iron Mountain has been officially certified sustainable by Green Circle Salons.

This means 95% of their waste will be recycled, turned into clean energy or reused. Green Circle Salons provides a solution for salons looking to reduce their carbon footprint. They collect the waste from salons and work with their partners for recycling.

Kate Pearson, owner of The Good Earth Salon, says she’s been working towards this for nearly seven years.

“I had contacted them in 2014, I opened in 2013, contacted them a year later, contacted them a couple years after that, I wasn’t quite ready for what it took to switch my entire salon over to that at that time but now I am,” said Pearson.

She says this year she contacted them again and was approved. Now they have boxes that everything except food waste goes into. The waste then gets shipped back to Green Circle Salons for recycling or reuse in other ways.

“Every bin that was here was a garbage bin and now every bin that is here is labeled in some way for the recycling program,” said Pearson. “So we had to really get used to not just throwing things in all the bins.”

Green Circle Salons work directly with UPS for shipping recyclables. Pearson says they are building a shed to keep their recycling in between pick up days.

“One of the coolest parts about Green Circle Salons is that they actually keep track of all the mileage from the UPS facility to here and then to the green circle warehouses and they meticulously keep track of those miles so that they can offset the carbon emissions by planting trees,” said Pearson.

Pearson says the shift to becoming a Green Circle Salon was important to her because she tries to be more green at home and wanted to carry that over into her business as well. The salon carries Aveda products which is another environmentally conscious company.

“Aveda’s mission is all about keeping the earth healthy in what they produce and so all of the Aveda products are 95 or higher naturally derived so I kind of wanted to follow suit with the way I live my life at home and the products that I carry in order to have the salon not be part of the problem but part of the solution,” said Pearson.

Everything that they send back is turned into something different. Some of the recycled items are used for clean energy, metal can be recycled for bicycle or car parts and plastics and cardboard are recycled to be broken down and used again.

The Good Earth Salon is the first salon in the Upper Peninsula to become certified sustainable. Pearson says after seven years of working toward this goal it is a huge accomplishment.

“55% of Canadian salons are green circle, a little bit more than that about 57 over in Europe but only 15% of the US salons are green circle and so far we’re the only one in the Upper Peninsula, the closest one is Grand Rapids,” said Pearson. “So, I just feel like this is a super cool thing to be a part of and it’s a huge accomplishment for me seven years into having the salon.”

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