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Drew Wyble named Kiwanis Male Athlete of the Year


Marquette, Mich. (WJMN) – At the end of each school year Marquette Senior High School and the Superiorland Kiwanis Club announce their Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

The award goes to two student-athletes who have demanded excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic front.

Drew Wyble was named the Male Athlete of the Year. Jake caught up with Drew to talk about his accomplishment and what’s next.

Jake: Alright Drew, you received the Kiwanis Athlete of the Year award. Talk about how you were feeling when you found out you were going to receive this great award.

Drew: Yeah uh, so right when I found out I was extremely excited, obviously that goes without saying. It’s truly a great honor to receive it. Obviously, you know it’s one male that gets it every year and one female that gets it every year. So, it’s a fairly prestigious thing I’d like to think of it as. So, I’m very honored to have received it.

Jake: During your time at Marquette, you’ve found great success in athletics but also, in the classroom as well. That takes a lot of dedication and hard work. What drives you to be so successful at what you do?

Drew: Right uh, you know, whether it’s on the field or in the classroom really, just um, I would say on the field, you know, just your love for the game and trying to get better and trying to prove yourself and then that kind of carries over to the classroom as well. They’re transferable you could say. Just um, just the desire to grow as a person. Whether it’s in the classroom or on the field is what drives me.

Jake: You’re going to Michigan Tech, is that correct?

Drew: That’s correct, yeah.

Jake: Talk about that. Why did you want to go up there and be a Husky?

Drew: Yeah so, you now I’ve always wanted to play college football and tech just seemed like the right fit for me because I took a visit up there and met the whole coaching staff and a few of the guys on the team. It just felt like a home for me for the next four years, for sure. Also, on top of that, their academics are second to none. You know, they got a great engineering program there that I’m interested in. Like I previously mentioned, just the whole coaching staff and some of the guys on the team were really welcoming and it just felt like a good home for me for the next four years.”

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