ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Pack is back and so are fans who gathered at Ray Nitchske Field to witness the first day of training camp.

Some of them have traveled far and wide to be there. Take Leanna Bohnert. She came all the way from Anchorage, Alaska with her family to support the green and gold.

Bohnert said, “I hope we do great. I think we will. We did great last season, I hope we make it all the way.”

Another family from the west is the Scotts, who are Billings, Montana-natives. 14-year-old Grace Quin and her 12-year-old brother Scott got some player autographs after the practice.

Grace said, “We’re trying to stick around to get Aaron Rodgers.”

Representing Packer Nation on the east coast is Tameka Smith from Tampa, Florida. She didn’t even stay for practice: she was busy getting Aaron Jones’ signature tattooed on her arm.

Smith said, “He has a special place in my heart. I love them all, but he’s different, he’s a great guy.”

While some fans have concerns about the upcoming season, many are confident in the home team.

Andy Short, a Packers shareholder from Virginia said, “I think we can do it. The receivers is our weak spot, but it’s doable. We just got to pull it together in the playoffs.”

Gene Greening, also known as the “Mean Gene the Dancing Machine”, is a die-hard fan and has been a season ticket holder since 1990. He also thinks the future is bright for the Packers.

Greening said, “Naturally I’m hopeful that as a team, the goal is to get to the super bowl and win it, and I certainly believe that we have the team.”

Training camps open for the public will go until Aug. 17.