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Marquette, MI – Carl ‘Buck’ Nystrom has had a storied football coaching career. 

He led the Wildcats to a national championship in 1975 and today is looked at as a legend in throughout the NMU football program. 

His influence he’s had over two current players have led them to begin a grass roots effort to get his name immortalized forever.

After finding inspiration from a documentary on one college football coaching legend. The two current Wildcats began discussing a way to honor a legend of their own. 

Vinny Propson a senior captain who plays on the offensive line said, “We saw a statue and I was like, ‘Dang, you know who needs a statue? Buck Nystrom needs a statue.’ Because you know what? He’s a legend, hometown, Marquette, he’s done so many great things for football and the university. Why not?” 

The two senior leaders began a ‘Go-Fund-Me’ page with the hopes to get the communities backing to make the statue a reality. 

“We obviously are college students, we can’t afford to put a statue up by ourselves. We got some numbers online, looking at how much it costs to get statues, with different types of materials. Right now, we’re looking at $10,000. That should get us a statue. Hopefully we can get an artist to help us out with that,” said Josh Alanskas, a Senior tight end. 

Buck currently works as a volunteer coach for NMU under his son and current head football coach, Kyle Nystrom.

He continues teaching young student athletes valubale life lessons that they will take with them through the rest of their lives. 

“We always have guys coming back from past teams saying about how much coach buck meant to them and how much he helped them even now adays. They’ll think back to the 4th quarter principals that he instilled in them as husbands, as employees. Just putting this up will help that live on through the next generation,” said Alanskas. 

“He inspires me everyday. I think he inspires the whole team everyday. He is out there every single day coaching. He volunteers his time. He could be anywhere else enjoying retirement. But, he’s out helping us. Helping the cats get better everyday,” added Propson. 

To make a donation for the buck nystrom statue you can visit the GoFundMe page at