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Marquette, Mich. (WJMN) – The inaugural Noquemanon ‘Trailraiser’ is underway as participants go the extra mile for the trails they love. Hiking, biking, walking, or running this is your chance to get outside and exercise for a good cause.

The Noquemanon Trail Network is a vital part of the local economy in Marquette attracting visitors from across the country.

“I mean all you have to do is drive by the parking lot on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and you can see all the out of town plates. I mean, those people are staying at the campground, Rippling River. You know, hotels, they’re eating at restaurants. It’s a major part of the local economy,” said Bill Nolan a member of the NTN board and Trailraiser participant.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Noquemanon Trail Network has had to cancel a lot of their fundraising events. Causing the trail system to lose out on important funds that help with upkeep.

“It’s very important, we have tons of volunteers, but we do have some people on staff to, you know, keep things going,” said Nolan. “So, I mean, we have a volunteer tracking thing on the NTN website. You can just go on there and see just a fraction of what people have been putting in, you know volunteering time.”

The NTN board has thought outside of the box, creating the NTN ‘Trailraiser.’ It’s a way the trail network can raise funds, safely, with the help of the trail supporters.

“We just thought it would be a good alternative to races being canceled, to raise some money for the trails. You know, it could be competitive for the people, it might not be, but you know it’s not about time. It’s about getting pledges, just getting in some miles, and just having fun outside,” said Nolan.

Bill Nolan is an NTN board member and a passionate runner. He has already raised nearly $500 dollars towards theNTN’s $5000 goal.

“Mine has been going pretty well so far. A lot of it is just putting it on Facebook, just showing pictures and actually letting other people see our trails who haven’t had a chance to get on all of them or any of them, really. It’s just a new way to get exposure for the NTN. People can pledge a dollar a mile. They can do a flat amount, you know, $50 gets a persona t-shirt. So, it’s just, kind of, a fun not as competitive with the time or whatever. It’s just a new way to raise money for the trails and get people outside.”

The Trailraiser runs through July 26th, so there’s still time to sign up and get moving.
You also don’t need to use the Naquemanon trails. Feel free to log your miles virtually anywhere.

To make a pledge, CLICK HERE.

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