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Gwinn, MI – The holidays are a time to give thanks and to give back. If you’ re looking for a way to give back during the holidays, you might consider the Olsen Family. 

The Olsen’s have dedicated their lives to helping young student athletes in the Gwinn community, but they now need your help.

For well over a decade, Ben Olsen and his wife Shelle have dedicated their time to helping student athletes in the Marquette and Gwinn areas. 

Ben has spent the last six years as the head girls basketball coach at Gwinn High School. Shelle has been on the sidelines as the girls junior varsity coach for the last five years. 

“Being part of a family we really push family here. You know, I don’t get to play anymore but you still have that close knit group and you’re trying to always strive for excellence and a common good with stuff. I’ve always said if I can change one persons life for the better. My years of teaching and coaching will be well worth it,” said Ben Olsen.  

“Being a woman in this role. Being a role model to all our girls has been nothing but a blessing for us. Promoting our girls and being there for them, not only one the court, but off the court is why I do it,” added Shelle.  

We’ve heard the saying bad luck comes in threes. That couldn’t be more true for the Olsen Family. a string of bad luck has recently left the family in a financial crisis.

“In the beginning of school, on my wife’s car the transmission blew. October 6th, it was actually homecoming for us, our well went. Right now, we’ve been quoted about $13,000- $19,000 to fix our well.” 

“I just recently got my JV coaching position cut because of our budget deficit. We recently need a new well system drilled. The motor on our furnace just broke,” added Shelle.  

The family has been left without heat and water for the past 40 days. Through the help of a close friend, money is now being raised to help with expenses

Bob Taylor, a family friend and Gwinn resident said, “As far as i’m concerned they’ve sacrificed and done a lot of things that not necessarily are covered by their contract so to speak. You know, obviously they both got paid for coaching over the years, but they well exceeded the dollar amount. They’re really invested in the kids, they really want to see the kids go forward. And obviously they’d like to see them win too.”

If you would like to help the Olsen’s get back on their feet. You can drop off a donation to any Honor Credit Union location.