2021 8-Player Coach of the Year: Leo Gorzinski

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POWERS, Mich. (WJMN) – The North Central Jets are no stranger to a deep winning tradition. After leading the Jets to another state title victory, Head Coach Leo Gorzinski has figured out the formula to create arguably the best team in the U.P. year after year.

“We started out, obviously with the many Gorzinski kids on the team, my brothers and I helped coach with the youth programs and that’s where that coming in during fifth grade comes in,” Gorzinski said. “When we started with these guys that was when they were little and they could first put on pads.”

Now, these kids are in high school and the years of hard work is evident. The Jets held all teams but one to under 8 points or less and outscored every opponent by at least 42 points in 2021. Gorzinski’s effort to lead his team to work both sides of the ball is the reason behind their effortless play.

“It drives these guys because they know that the other teams don’t want to give the defense any respect because it’s us,” Gorzinski said. “They think ‘We can stop them if we stop their offense.’ Well, you know what, you better prepare for our defense because if you’re don’t we’re gonna hurt you. Not just physically but we’re gonna come after you and that’s how we like to play.”

The 2021 Sports Zone 8-Player Coach of the Year has created a dynasty in Powers but if you ask him, his favorite trophy every year is one that is not tangible.

“You see the smiles on their faces and they know you know that they got another one,” Gorzinski said. “They reach the biggest game like this weekend, and that’s the culmination of all that work that they put in because they’ve trusted you as their head coach. They’ve done everything that you’ve asked them, and then you get to see them raise that trophy and jump around and the hugs and the tears and all that. It’s the greatest feeling you could ask for.”

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