Courtesy: Lindsey Sorensen

MENOMINEE, Mich. (WJMN) – In The Upper Peninsula, high school sports are big part of every community. Athletes celebrate their victories on the field, but sometimes the biggest wins, come when there’s no scoreboard in site.

“Miles got diagnosed October 8th and about a month before that we had recurring visits to the E.R back and forth getting lab results that were off but couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong and from there it kinda just spiraled,” Lindsey and Jason Sorensen, Miles parents said.

As a way to show support for Miles and his battle with Leukemia, the school held a fundraiser in order to assist the family in any way possible.

Courtesy: Lindsey Sorensen

“Mason Kewley, a teacher and football coach here and I were sitting down and kinda talking about when Miles was diagnosed and about the tough couple of years he is going to have,” Sam Larson, Menominee High School Athletic Director said. “We were thinking it would be cool if we could do a fundraiser and figured the kids would really get a kick out of it if we offered to shave our heads at that time so we set a dollar amount at $250 thinking that that would be pretty good and we passed it in the first day. So then we decided to up the ante a little bit and we got another teacher involved and it got a little higher and our Volleyball team started to take on and they raised $1,000 and other people in the community started dropping off money at school and the next thing you know we had over $4,000 dollars that we raised for that fundraiser.” 

“We actually had 4 staff members that ended up shaving their heads on that day and after that it was pretty darn cool to actually have some of the students come down and want to jump in and do that for support for Miles,” Larson said.

“That was my biggest emotional breakdown was seeing all of those students, from girls to boys to everybody just going down there and just showing their support for him has just been so emotional,” Lindsey Sorensen said. “He is surrounded by a community that loves him so much and that is what has been keeping him going.”

Before their Great Northern Conference Championship game on Friday, the Menominee Maroons Football team took a different route to Walton Blesch Field, in order to visit a very special fan.

“We just decided to stop at his house and do our school fight song and love on him and pray on him a little bit just to give him some support,” Joe Noha, Head Coach for Menominee Football said.

“We just made it back from chemo that day at 4:30 and Miles immediately put all of his gear on and sat on the porch,” Sorensen said. “He knew they weren’t coming until 5:00, he was chattering out there and I said ‘Let’s just go inside and warm up for a little bit.’ and he said ‘no, I am staying here until they come.’ He was so excited he was just over the moon” 

While visiting Miles, Menominee Senior Brady Badker made him a very special promise.

“That kid is going to go through a lot in the next couple of years and I just thought it would be really cool for a kid to think that one of our high school athletes was going to get them a touchdown in honor of him so I just thought that was really cool and I promised him I would get one,” Brady Badker, a Menominee Football Senior said.

“The game was getting close and I was like ‘We gotta get me a touchdown’ and Aidan threw me one and it was pretty nice,” Badker said. “When I scored, we have a photographer Val who takes pictures for us and when I scored I showed him the “M” for Mighty Miles so that’s what I was thinking of when I scored for him.”

“I know that is pretty gutsy to fist bump a 6 year old and make sure you score a touchdown for them,” Noha said. “I am glad we called the play to allow him to score.”

“I would say that without them I don’t think Miles would be as strong as he is right now, as brave, as supported, he is just so loved in so many ways,” Sorensen said. “The day after chemo when the football players came and they gave him fist bumps and everything. As soon as they left, he tossed the football around. I have never seen him on a chemo day have that much energy to keep going and the energy the community brings to our family to just keep going..I just think that we can’t thank them enough.” 

To send Miles some happy mail, you can mail that to “4520 13th Street Menominee, MI 49858”

To donate to a Go Fund Me for Miles, click here.

To a place a Mighty Miles t-shirt and/or sweatshirt order you can do so by calling Peshtigo Apparel Co & More at (715) 582-1242 or click here.