BARK RIVER, Mich. (WJMN) – School pride was on full display Tuesday night at Bark River – Harris High School for their annual Fuzz Buster.

“Tonight, they play volleyball against parents, they play volleyball against parents and right now they’re playing basketball against their siblings,” said Shelly Massie, a parent at the event. “Then they’re going to play a Fuzz Buster against local officers.”

The main event featured was the Fuzz Buster game.

“The actual Fuzz Buster is the basketball game against the seniors and your local officers,” said Massie. “Your state police, your Escanaba Public Safety, your sheriff department.”

“It’s a good public relations event that we are part of for the last several years,” said Mark Erickson, a Michigan State Police trooper. “The Fuzz Buster game started quite a few years
ago and it just continued to build and build then you have events like we have here tonight and it’s all for a good cause to go towards the seniors.”

“We like to have a good repour with the kids to try and have that positive experience for them just so they get to know us a little bit,” said Eric Willore, an Escanaba Public Safety officer. “It’s just a fun time to have with the kids. We get to get out of our uniform and have some fun.” “

“We’ll see how the game with the cops goes,” said Kavin Fredrick, a senior at Bark River – Harris High School. “Do I want to win? Of course I want to win. Are win going to win? It remains to be seen.”

“I’m just looking forward to seeing my class whoop some butt,” said Alissa O’Driscoll, a senior at Bark River – Harris High School. “I’m just looking forward to seeing how much money were able to raise after this.”

It wasn’t just bragging rights on the line Tuesday night, the event was a fundraiser to help with a final hoorah for this year’s senior class.

“This event is to raise money for the senior’s all night party,” said Massie. “They do a thing after graduation where they have one more fun night, one more night before they start into the real world. The senior party started out as a way to bring the kids back together to have a safe fun night. One last Hurah after they graduate.”

After the final buzzer it was the seniors who would come out on top in a close one, 51-50.

“Are you worried about potentially getting pulled over on the way home if you beat them by a little bit too much?”

“If they pull me over on the way home I might get a raised price on my ticket,” said Fredrick.