SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. (WJMN) – It’s all Blue Devil pride in Sault Ste. Marie, and bringing back the beat is the school’s marching band.

“The marching band is re-emerging,” said Sara Perfetti, band director, Sault Area High School. “They used to have a marching band when the band was bigger many years ago, like 10-15 years ago probably. They had stopped marching for awhile and I was asked to bring back the band. I know they marched once last year I believe for one game and this year, we’re attempting to march at two.”

In its regrowth stages and under a new band director, the group is small but it’s filled with dedicated students who want to show their school spirit through the art of marching.

“About marching band, I really like how kind of we get to work on our teamwork a lot more in band,” said junior flutist, Katherine Anderson. “We definitely get to go outside. Sometimes sitting in a room is not fun. We get to go outside, we get to hear our instruments and we get to play at halftime. I mean we get to march in the parade and it makes us feel like we’re more part of the school. Not necessarily just a closed off concert for friends and family. We get to do something to be part of the school and things like homecoming and all that.”

Showing that once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil.

“I think having a marching band is a really cool thing because even if you don’t play an instrument, everyone likes a little music,” said Anderson. “So seeing musicians at your school, part of the band representing your school, doesn’t matter if you think they’re doing an excellent job. Like you don’t have to be great to have school spirit. You’re doing what you can with what you have and it’s really just, it boosts morale really. Music, sports, anything, it just makes you proud of your school and where you’re at.”

“They do like the fact that there’s a band that brightens up the atmosphere,” said Heath Muller, sophomore, sousaphone player.

“It makes me happy as well as a lot others from what I asked from everyone else and I think it makes everyone happier,” said sophomore trumpeter, Jayden McDonald. “I feel like it makes the teams do a lot better and makes me do a lot better as a band student.”

The goal of the program is composing more members and making more music for years to come.

“I think it’s been a good thing,” said Perfetti. “I think the kids should really be proud of themselves. I think they are getting prouder of themselves all the time. There is still a little bit of embarrassment about being in the band, but it seems to be getting better with these kids I have right now so that’s a good thing.”