MUNISING, Mich. (WJMN) – At 7-0, the Mustang Football team is bringing excitement to the Munising community.

“Munising is definitely a football town and you can feel the buzz,” said Matt Mattson, the head coach for the Mustangs. “We haven’t had a ton of home games but we still have another one to end it. You know, it’s fun. You can kind of feel it on game day. We had a Saturday night game and there was a good crowd there. So, hopefully we can host a playoff game and have the town show up for that.”

“It’s been great,” said Micaiah Peramaki, a senior linebacker and fullback for the Mustangs. “We’re kind of the talk of the town. Everybody’s been super supportive of us and everybody is having a lot of fun throughout the season.”

“It’s definitely pretty cool,” said Josiah Peramaki, a senior linebacker and running back for Munising. “Four years ago or three years ago we were 0-9. I think football has brought the community together and people have been wanting to give us food for ‘Spaghetti Feeds’ and stuff like that.”

Munising’s most recent victory came against Brimley, a game where the Mustangs scored 92 points. Munising boasts three players who could reach the 1,000 yard rushing mark this season.

“We have the Peramaki twins on our team and they’re fantastic speed guys,” said Mattson. “Anytime we can get them out on the edge it’s advantageous for us. Kane Nebel is at quarterback and he’s a great compliment to the Peramaki boys. Kane is probably going to rush for 1,000 yards along with Josiah Peramaki and Micaiah Peramaki might get to 1,000 yards.”

“We’ve been improving a whole lot,” said Josiah Peramaki. “We’ve been getting better at the small things. We’ve been more discipline with our blocking and I think mostly we’ve just been getting better as players with vision and other things like that.”

That production wouldn’t be possible without the guys blocking up front. Mattson says winning in the trenches has been key to their success.

“I think Riley Murk is having a huge year for us,” said Mattson. “He had a good year for us last year and he’s turned into a fantastic football player for us. Ashton Wymer is our other guard that starts up front for us and we knew he was a fantastic player. But I think Riley Murk has really made a huge step for us. We have a junior at center, Joe Kelley, who’s done a very nice job for us also.”

The Mustangs defense has been equally impressive. Points have been hard to come by for opposing teams.

“Defensively, I think we have 3 or 4 shutouts on the year,” said Mattson. “You don’t see that all the time in 8-man football. I think we fly to the football well and I think our team speed is pretty good. We have some pretty good linebackers that our defense is built around. Of course they don’t get the tackles if our guys up front aren’t doing their jobs.”

With the postseason well in reach, the Mustangs are focused on becoming their best version before the real fun starts.

“Well discipline is the biggest thing,” said Micaiah Peramaki. “The little details will help us go far and we will be an elite team if we can execute those things.”

“Our district is going to be a bloodbath,” said Mattson. “Norway is going to be there. Newberry is going to be there. Probably a Rudyard or Pickford for sure and then us. So, just a fantastic district and again we just need to keep improving. It doesn’t matter what you’re record is when the playoffs start. It’s one and done if you can’t get it done.”