GAYLORD, Mich. (RRN SPORTS) – When the Escanaba Baseball team headed downstate Friday, nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to witness.

The Eskymos were scheduled to play a game in Gaylord, but while en route were notified that the game would be canceled due to inclement weather.

The Eskymos who still had games scheduled for Saturday continued their trek below the bridge and arrived in Gaylord where they were planning on a day of relaxation, but when their phones went off, those plans changed.

“Eli and I were going to go swimming with a couple of friends of ours on the team and as we were going out, everyone’s phone was going off,” said Nick Chiu, a player on the Eskymos team. “We look at it and it’s the National Weather thing going off because they were saying that we had to take shelter because there was a tornado that was coming.”

A handful of Eskymos players were able to catch a glimpse of the tornado just before it touched down a few miles from where they were staying.

“We all started recording and we saw a big funnel that started going down,” said Chiu. “It looked pretty bad like two clouds coming together and it just dropped. As it was going through the town we could just see a bunch of air clouds moving really fast.”

“It was a big surprise to all of us,” said Eli Gardner, another Eskymos player. “It came out of nowhere it felt like. We all tried to take videos and stuff of it and once that electrical transformer blew up, we were just gone.”

The team took cover in their hotel room until the tornado passed by. Everyone on and with the team made it out safely.

The Eskymos are scheduled to play a doubleheader in Cheboygan on Saturday and are currently spending the night in Mackinaw City. The city of Gaylord is on lockdown until 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.