CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. (WJMN) – The sounds of spring baseball have returned to Crystal Falls.

“New program, kids are working really hard,” said Mike Larson, the head coach for the Trojans. “They’re really excited, they stay excited and I’m proud of what they’re doing.”

“It feels great,” said Peyton Woollard, a centerfielder for the Trojans. “We’ve been wanting baseball for a long time and it feels really nice to be out here.”

“It feels good, a sense of pride,” said Matthew Showers, who plays catcher, right field, and second base for the Trojans. “I mean, we haven’t had a team since the 1960s. So, it’s that accomplishment of your the first one to do it in how long.”

For the Trojans, this year is not defined by their record.

“Early in the year, we set some goals,” said Larson. “We wanted to get better every day, whether it was practice, the next game, whatever. We wanted to get better every day. I told them if we do the little things, the wins will come. It would be nice to get a few wins this year, it hasn’t happened yet, but we’re playing better and better every game and that’s what I’m looking for and to get a program established here.”

Their success is measured by the dedication they show on and off the field.

“To quote a guy that told me one time, ‘the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a baseball,'” said Larson. “So, it’s eye-hand coordination and these kids are very good, they’re talented. We got a little work to do yet to get them to be baseball players, but they’re willing to put in the time.”

The hard work they are putting in today is laying the foundation for years to come.

“It feels good, it just shows how much putting in work does for you,” said Showers. “It shows how much you grow as a player in general. It’s about your teammates and the camaraderie.”

“Sometimes we have a problem where we have to have a practice a little earlier in the morning and they’re there,” said Larson. “You know, there’s no complaining, they’re happy after the game. I told them most of what I really want out of this year is to get a program started, get better every day, and the biggest thing is always to be happy, let’s be happy when we’re done.”

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