Negaunee, Mich. (WJMN) – Prior to last Friday’s varsity football game, Negaunee Public Schools held an open house for fans to get a first look at their new athletic facility.

It’s a 25-thousand-square foot facility that the athletes, marching band, and the Negaunee community all have access to.

Two years ago a proposal was brought to voters in the district and it included making this facility a reality.

“We were considering different options with what to do with that space and we said why don’t we go big?” said Dan Skewis, the superintendent for Negaunee Public Schools. “Why don’t we ask the community if could put some sort of indoor facility in this space that our student-athletes and our marching band could use to get maybe a head start from some other athletes in our area? It’s primarily gonna be used by our spring athletes. I think they are going to reap the benefit the most because spring sports start on march 9th up here and there are three feet of snow on march 9th in the U.P. So to get in and be able to go into our batting cages or our golf cages or tennis courts is going to be huge. Gonna give them a month to six weeks of a head start on our opponents so that’s going to be awesome.”