MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Lightning can strike anytime the ball touches Desmond Mullen’s hands.

Eric Mason, Head Coach of Marquette Football: “Desmond is going to be by far one of those kids that I’m looking to and I expect big things out of. I’m looking forward to big things because he was 160-165 pounds last year and he’s almost 190 pounds now. So, obviously, that’s a big improvement.”

The thought of a bigger, stronger, more experienced Mullen will be a scary thought for opposing teams. As a junior last season, he entered a class of his own, becoming the first player in program history to be named to the All-State First Team as a defensive back.

Eric Mason: “He’s the quarterback of our defense, without him we are definitely less as far as our knowledge of what’s going on, our coverages, and different things. He’s just an endless film watcher, he understands the game and his instincts are second to none.”

Justin Jurmu: “I think it’s his hard work, his drive, and his intelligence of just the game overall that sets him apart from everyone else. He knows the field inside and out. He’s just always where he needs to be.”

Mullen’s role will expand one the offensive side of the ball this season. He will play a key role in the backfield as a running back. It’s something quarterback Austin Ridl is excited about.

Austin Ridl: ” Dez is a fast kid and also super strong. He’s can break tackles, make plays in open space. He’s a really good running back and teams are going to be shocked at what they haven’t seen.”

Mullen’s success comes to no surprise from his teammates. Behind closed doors, he’s setting the example.

Justin Jurmu: “He’s always here. Summer workouts, every workout he’s here. He’s just a great person overall, too. He’s always trying to get people better. Whether or not it is on the field or in school, he’s always that kind of person.”

But what drives Mullen to strive for greatness? Just a little sibling rivalry.

Desmond Mullen: “Honestly, ever since I was younger I just wanted to be better than my brother. So, that just kind of motivates me there. I just want to be better than my brother. I saw what he did and he was really good at high school and even at college. So, I just want to be at that same level if not better.”

“Do you think your projection is going that way?”

“Oh, 100%,” said Mullen.

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