KINGSFORD, Mich. (WJMN) – Kingsford’s Nic Nora often makes the most difficult plays look routine.

“Well I feel like when I’m on the football field I feel free,” said Nic Nora. “It’s like my second home, it’s where I belong.”

Nora possess a skill that can’t be teached: a knack for the endzone.

“When I touch the ball I’m always thinking end zone,” said Nora. “Not matter what it takes to get there, I’m willing to do it. Whether it’s making a cut, running someone over, whatever it its. If I get the ball, my goal is to get to the end zone.”

A big part of the Flivvers game plan week to week is finding different ways to get the ball into Nora’s hands. More often than not, Nora will make something happen.

“He’s a difference-maker,” said Mark Novara, the head coach for the Flivvers. “We have to find ways to get him the ball. Whether we hand it to him, we throw it to him, we snap it to him, whatever, we have to make sure he’s touching the ball.”

Nora along with fellow senior Cole Myllyla make for one of the most talented skill groups in U.P. football. Both playmakers have the ability to break open a game.

“I just think it’s amazing to be out there and if either one of us scores it’s mutual for how excited we are for each other,” said Cole Myllyla, a senior receiver and defensive back for the Flivvers. “I feel like that’s a huge part and it doesn’t matter who scores when he scores I think he’s just as excited for when he scores. I mean, it’s all you can ask for really.”

“It’s just great to see these other guys have success,” said Isaac Olson, a senior lineman for the Flivvers. “It’s great to see them running down the end zone and all excited. Their victories are your victories you know? We have that bond and it’s just a great environment to be in.”

And with goals of not only defending their share of the GNC title but a deep playoff run in their sights, having a leader like Nora on the field instills confidence in everyone around him. 

“I really strive to be that guy this year,” said Nora. “I have a lot of guys around me that can help out but I’m really hoping to bounce back from last year and have a really good solid year.”

“He’s a really great leader,” said Olson. “He’s good a rallying us and he’s great to all the lineman, all of the backs are. He’s just really great at rallying us to get us where we need to be.”

“I mean, everybody wants to win a state title, that’s a given,” said Myllyla. “I mean, really we want to just make a huge run to the playoffs. I feel like we can actually do that with this talent and hard work. We got guys just busting their butts out there and that’s always a great thing to far in the season.”

Kingsford plays host to Detroit Old Redford this Friday night.