Player Spotlight: Rapid River’s Damyn Smith and his promise to himself

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Damyn Smith is a player any coach would love to have on their roster.

“Damyn as a player is kind of a coach’s dream I guess you would want to say,” said Jack Smith, Damyn’s father, and a Rapid River Football coach. “He’s like another coach on the field when other kids are struggling with plays or what to do in certain situations. So, from an aspect as a coach, it’s great to have him on the field.”

But that wasn’t always the case.

“He started as a 7th grader with zero footwork,” said Jack Smith. “Pretty much had no skill whatsoever. Little to no knowledge of the game and just was uncoordinated as you can get.”

“My Freshman year I could barely stand my ground against another freshman,” said Damyn Smith.

But what led to smith’s turnaround? Damyn said the switch flipped after his freshman year when football almost got stripped away from him.

“It was right before our snow game of 2018,” said Damyn Smith. “It was our last playoff game before the championships. I was told I wasn’t allowed to play football because at that point I was home-schooled. I remember that just hitting hard and surrounding me like I was their family. That’s when I first realized this is the sport I love. Before that, I could kind of care less about the sport. But right there it hit me that wow, I couldn’t imagine my life without this sport.”

Smith returned to school and during the summer entering his sophomore year and promised himself he would fully commit himself to football.

“He worked on his footwork, he grew in size, he was in the weight room every day,” said Jack Smith. “He got it in his mind that he was going to play football not only in high school but beyond and he made himself a good football player with the help of coaching.”

“I started hitting the weight room as frequently as possible,” said Damyn Smith. “I would be there five times a day for 2-3 hours every day just pushing myself to my absolute limits. Seeing my progression since then has been insane.”

Fast forward to today, Damyn has developed into a force on the line for the rockets and an undoubted leader for the team.

His hard work is paying off. He’s been gaining interest from several colleges to play at the next level.

“After senior year I want to go into college to study mechanical engineering,” said Damyn Smith. “Then also, on the side play football. It’s been a dream for a while and I know it’s going to be tough but I can work through that. I promised myself I would make it to the next level at some point. So, it’s been a plan and I don’t break promises to myself. “

“Extremely proud of Damyn,” said Jack Smith. “You know, he’s put in the work, he’s bought into the program and has done what he’s needed to do to get where he’s at to move on beyond high school football, possibly to the college ranks. He’ll be playing on Saturdays somewhere.”

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