HARRIS, Mich. (WJMN) – Last season, the Bark River – Harris Broncos had a star in their backfield in West – PAC Iron Division Offensive Player of the Year, and All U.P. First teamer, Trevor Lippens. 

With Lippens now graduated,  the Broncos looked for someone to fill to void this season, and they found a budding star in senior fullback and linebacker, Vincent Martin. 

“Vince has probably been getting 15 carries a game or so,” said Al Stenberg, the head coach for the Broncos. “He’s averaging maybe around 170 [yards] or something like that per game. So, he breaks off a couple long runs every single game and he’s a very selfless player. He understands that we want to keep him healthy and we don’t want to pound him 25 times a game because then obviously you’re worse in the future. So, he knows his role on the team and he makes a great 1-2 punch with our other fullback, Luke Shiverski.”

“Trevor was a really good fullback,” said Martin. “I didn’t play football sophomore year so I was kind of getting back into the groove junior year. He helped me out because I made a lot of mistakes and he just told me what I was doing wrong and it helped. Going into this season it really helped because I just started remembering a lot more things.”

Martin has made his presence known this season by making plays on both sides of the football. But, it’s carrying the rock where he’s able to show off his natural abilities. 

“He’s very agile,” said Stenberg. “He’s got great sideways mobility with probably the best jump-cut of anybody that I’ve ever coached. He’s just really smooth. He keeps his shoulders square and monitors the field all the time. So, he’s able to bounce things outside if there is space outside or make guys miss on the inside. He’s really a special player and really graceful with the ball in his hands.”

Martin has also stepped up as a leader for Broncos. While he’s quiet in nature, his running style speaks for itself.

“He’s a quiet leader and he’s grown every single year in the past four years,” said Stenberg. “He’s also put on a lot of size, strength, and speed in the offseason which is something you ask of all the kids if they want to keep contributing at a high level.”

Martin’s biggest moment of his career so far came last week in a game against Gwinn. Martin finished the game with a pick six and 165 yards on 13 carries with two touchdowns. Late in the fourth quarter martin broke a long run to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark in his career. 

“Once I did that I just got really excited,” said Martin. “My teammates came and we started celebrating and it just felt really good.”

But it’s what Martin did after passing that mark that really impressed. 

“Once I broke the run I started running and I ran out of bounds,” said Martin. “I didn’t score the touchdown because I just felt bad. We were up 46-7 or something like that and I felt bad because in that situation I wouldn’t want to be scored on for 60 points. So, I just ran out of bounds and I just wanted the yards.”

And while Martin says he’s more focused on the team’s goals, there is one other benchmark he would like to hit. 

“I’m trying to get 1,500 [yards],” said Martin. “The school record is 1720 and it would be very nice to break that record but it’s pretty far away. It would mean a lot to me personally but it would show everyone, our opponents and hopefully colleges, that me personally, I will run through people, I will give it 110%, and show all of our opponents that my o-lineman are the best out there. Without them I wouldn’t have even 1,000 yards.”

“You know, as a football coach you’re not always looking for the burner that can be the striaght-line linear burner,” said Stenberg. “You need a guy that is able to play side-to-side, play well in space, and make good decisions based on where the defenders are. Vince is a great running back in that regard and I would have no doubt that he would be smooth enough, athletic enough, and intelligent enough to be able to contribute and a D2 college somewhere. So, if you’re looking for a running back or maybe a slot receiver, Bark River – Harris has one.”

Bark River – Harris travels to Westwood this Friday night. Kick off is set for 7/6 central.