Player Spotlight: Zach Beckman a versatile offensive leader in Westwood

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WEST ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) – Westwood’s Zach Beckman is no stranger to the endzone. Last week, he accounted for all 5 of the Patriot touchdowns against L’Anse, bringing a whole new meaning to the saying ‘putting the team on your back.’

“Along with athleticism, Zach brings a great deal of leadership,” Brad Wiljanen, Line Coach, Westwood Football said. “He’s a very headsy player. He makes a lot of excellent reads and he can see where plays are going to develop before the ball is snapped. After the ball is snapped, his in-play reads are pretty good. That’s what he brings to the table more the anything.”

This season, Beckman has proven he is a jack of all trades and is an essential part of the Patriot offense.

“He’s our facilitator, he knows what’s going on at all times,” Zach Carlson, Senior, Westwood Football said. “It’s nice that he is a big dude, he can throw the ball quarterback he can run the ball as running back.”

Beckman’s combination of size, toughness, and the ability to get the ball in the endzone offers a unique and versatile advantage to the Patriot’s playbook.

“I’d say, I mean I’m pretty big so I guess I describe myself a little bit of a bruiser, as well as not as quick as some of the other guys who work on getting the job done,” Zach Beckman, Senior, Westwood Football said. “Instead of trying to outrun people, I will try and go through them or make them get out of the way.”

“All those attributes he brings to the table we are going to need them,” Wiljanen said. “He needs to make those reads he needs to be able to handle the load when they may key on other players on our football team, good but teams four teams are important.”

Don’t expect Beckman to shy away from the pressure, he has been competition his whole life.

“It has just always been there in my family, with my older brother and stuff,” Beckman said. “I am just always trying to be great in whatever I am doing.”

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