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#LetUsPlay demonstration held in Marquette

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Typically the Marquette Hockey team would be trudging their way through the season. But due to the pandemic and the latest executive order by Governor Whitmer, their fighting to have a season altogether.

“Usually this time of year, we’d big on our biggest trip of the year and it’s down at Chelsea. It’s probably the one trip that they all enjoy the most because it’s three or four days and we all have them bonding and I have them all singing karaoke and they miss that,” said Doug Garrow, the head coach for the Marquette Hockey team.

Over the weekend, high school teams across the state came together as apart of a state wide effort to get kids back playing the sports they love.

“We’re just out here in our local communities trying to get the support to let the kids play the sports they love. You know, I think by just showing all the support out here, hopefully, we change some minds and get these kids out there playing the sports they want to play,” said Garrow.

The Marquette hockey team spent their Saturday afternoon protesting in the downtown area.
Garrow says the sooner the kids can get out and play the better.

“I think kids need outlets for their mental health, too. It’s not just their physical health but a lot of it is mental. You know, getting them out and exercising it’s good for their health, it’s good for their immune system. You know, just being by their friends is good for their mental health. So that’s what we hope to accomplish is get them back out there playing,” said Garrow.

Garrow says playing is a personal choice.

“I think all these kids and all their families are willing to take that chance and you know have that risk. You know, there’s a risk every day in the life. I understand the variant and the new things coming through. But, all these families understand that too and I think that they’re willing to let these kids play the sports and, you know, just enjoy being a kid and try and go up with the best possible childhood they could.”

Garrow also believes playing can be done safely.

You know, we could do it safely, I mean, we’re wearing masks, we’re washing our hands and social distance. In the game of hockey, you’re not around the other team as much and you have equipment on, you’re playing with a puck you’re not touching the same item. So, there’s a lot of things I think you can do to maintain a level of safety. That’s all we’re trying to do is, you know, let us play and let us give it a chance. Just give it a chance, that’s all we’re asking.”

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