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NC Jets excited to play on dome turf in state semifinal

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Marquette, Mich. (WJMN) – The North Central Jets had their season come to an end last year playing on a wet, muddy field, that was less than ideal.

Although the Jets are not making excuses, they’re excited to be playing their state semifinal game indoors at the Superior Dome in Marquette.

“For us, it’s the mind games. Again, I know that games going to get brought up forever, we’ll never live it down. Listen, that’s part of the sport, exactly. But, yeah a slippery field and things like that.. go against what you’re good at it’s obviously a factor. Here, we have no excuses. I think one of the things we’re fortunate about growing up here in the U.P and having this facility, most of these kids, people don’t realize it, they played youth. So they all have four-five games in their career here. So that overwhelming feeling is there, but that sure beats that alternative of being outside,” said Leo Gorzinski, the head coach for North Central.

The Jets boast one of the most high powered offenses in all of 8-player football. On turf, the offense can be even more explosive.

“We knew our team was fast being on the grass field, but as soon as we stepped on here we realized just how fast we really are. I mean, it goes for all positions. From quarterback, our wide receivers, our line. I think we can definitely get it done on the turf better than what we were doing on the field,” said Fabian Chartier, a senior defensive end and offensive tackle for the Jets.

“Anybody that’s watched us knows we’re based on speed, if we can’t cut, we can’t move, we can’t get down, that’s a benefit for the other team. Giving us a surface like this…Yeah, we’re sure hoping for good things,” added Gorzinski.

The Jets, who have not played in a game in over a month, say they don’t plan on holding anything back.

We were at our peak stride when the amended season playoffs came to an end. Then you come back and practice started, the rug got pulled out. That was the toughest one. Tough for these seniors that didn’t know. Then we start back up and stopped again. That was bad, okay. Now since we started it was somewhat starting over but it was getting the kids the mindset that this was really going to happen. Right now we really believe it’s going to happen so we are a peak performance and huge excitement right now,” said Gorzinski.

“We definitely know what we have. But with being off months here and then having to repractice it does feel like we’ve been off for a while. But we’re back to ticking where we used to be. We still got things to fine tune always, everybody does. So, we’re worrying on those things here before gameday. But we definitely got the feeling that we’re getting closer everyday,” said Carter Eichmeier, a senior tight end and defensive end for the Jets.

The seniors, they’re grateful to have an opportunity to end their careers in control of their own destiny.

“I think when the coaches say, you know, like when you’re a senior you really want to take everything on the field and take it out. And I think that quote that they say is always going to help us. Especially this year. I mean, every time we step on the field we just know that it’s honestly a blessing because we never knew it was going to happen,” said Chartier.

“We’re just beyond glad to be out here doing it again and doing what we love. It’s just a really great experience,” said Eichmeier.

“It’s going to great. As you said, we started over. It wasn’t from scratch, but we spent a week in playoff time working on conditioning again because that’s how long the break was. So, right now just knowing that there is a finish line just has everyone sparked with a new interest,” concluded Gorzinski.

The North Central Jets take on Marion this Saturday at 12 PM (noon) eastern.

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