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Pep rally to be held at Capitol for high school football

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Lansing, Mich. (WJMN) – Jayme McElvany is the creator of the Facebook group ‘Let Michigan High School Football Play!!’ The group now has nearly 17 thousand followers who are calling for high school football to be reinstated this fall.

“Football parents, they want to see their kids out there. We put them at risk by just putting them on the field. That’s why there is an ambulance sitting there at every game. So I thought it could take off, but I had no idea it would take off like this, honestly. I’m very thankful,” said McElvany, who is also a football parent.

The group serves as space for people to voice their opinions and concerns. Many say the effort to get kids playing again goes far beyond sports.

‘It’s our rights as parents being stripped away under the cover of a virus that is here to stay. It’s our rights as parents to stand up and make choices for our kids because we weight those risks every day for our kids,’ said Tracy barker, who is also a football parent and the creator of the Facebook group, ‘#OurChildrenOurChoice.’

‘They need interactions, they need to get out of the house, they need to get out of the house to build their immune systems, they need to be active. So we’re fighting for the rights as parents to decide when we feel like our children are safe,” added McElvany.

Friday, fall football supporters will hold a rally at Capitol Hill in Lansing in the last hail mary effort to get football back.

‘We want to show our kids that we stand behind them. That we’re fighting for them. That it’s okay to stand up and fight for what you believe in when you know it is the right decision,” said Barker.

“So I want this to be a fun time. I don’t want this to be political. We’re begging people. We’ve made it very clear in both of our groups that this is not political whatsoever. Keep the signs at home. The Joe Biden’s, the trump’s, the Whitmer. We’re trying to make our voices be heard and that’s going to distract. So, we’re just asking for you to come, enjoy, listen to the speakers and have your voices hear and show the kids that we support them, that we are their biggest advocate, and we are their biggest cheerleaders.”

The rally will be held from 4pm to 7pm at Capitol Hill in Lansing.

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