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Iron Mountain Golds Blake Julian excited to get back on the diamond


Iron Mountain, Mich. (WJMN) – Reporter: First of all, when you first heard about that you were going to get the opportunity to step out on the field again after, you know, a long few months, what was going through your head?

Blake Julian, pitcher/shortstop, Iron Mountain Golds: Well, I started playing and when I heard the news I’m like ‘ god, just answered my prayer.’ I’m really excited to see the boys again and play with them again because I’ve been playing with them ever since I was a middle-schooler and little league, too. So, glad to see them, haven’t seen them in a while, been stuck inside. I’ve been working and working out and getting ready for the baseball season. So, I’m just really excited about that.

Reporter: Safety is a huge thing. Talk about those procedures and making sure that everyone who’s playing and participating is being safe.

Blake Julian: Right, and hopefully we can all stay safe and not get hurt and just have a fun time. I had a shoulder surgery last year. I coached the legion team a little bit. So, I got to see the boys. I still got to play with them. Never coached in my life, but I love it. But I was still apart of the baseball team. The guys are probably still having fun and we are just stoked that we get to play.

Reporter: Just talk about your feeling on who’s taking part in this league and, you know, how well do you expect the competition to be?

Blake Julian: I expect it to be really good. I’ve been playing baseball ever since I was really young and I’m really happy that all these towns and teams are getting back together as a group. There’s actually more than I expected teams wise to play with us. We can all play with each other and have some fun. Good competition, like always, and just have a fun time.

Reporter: All right Blake, well thank you for your time and good luck this season. I’m looking forward to catching some of your games.

Blake Julian: Awesome, thank you.

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