Ishpeming Football pregame rituals

Ishpeming is 3-0 to start the high school football season. Local 3 caught up with the Hematites to find out what gets them going before the game.

“Us lineman we like to listen to “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and just sit in the locker room and kind of chill out before we have to go out,” said senior Alec VanHorn.

“I get off of school, I go home for a bit, I drink as much water as I possibly can. I eat something light, but not too heavy, maybe a sandwich or something,” added Joe Nault.

“My ritual is I used to always eat with Bobby Zhulkie. We used to always eat spaghetti dinner outside no matter how cold or warm it was. Now I’m pretty much out there by myself, so I won’t quit doing it until the season’s done,” said Dan Thornton.

The Hematites have a big game to get ready for on Friday when they meet Westwood in a battle of 3-0 teams.

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