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Mollie Kilpela named Kiwanis Female Athlete of the Year


Marquette, Mich. (WJMN) – At the end of each school year Marquette Senior High School and the Superiorland Kiwanis Club announced their Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

The award goes to two student-athletes who have demanded excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic front.

Mollie Kilpela was named the Female Athlete of the Year. Jake caught up with Mollie to get an idea of what drives her and also what she plans on doing next.

Jake: All right Mollie, you were just awarded the Kiwanis Female Athlete of the Year award. First of all, how did it feel to get presented that award and honored by Marquette and the Kiwanis Club?

Mollie: It was actually very surprising to me. I did not think that I was going to get it. Coming from a super athletic class. You know, I’m a duel sport athlete. I did run track my freshman and sophomore years. I was planning on running track this year again. I kind of needed a break from it last year. But, I’ve been playing tennis for the last three years and same with swimming.

Jake: What drives you for success? It seems like anything you pick up, at least from an outsiders point of view, you are successful at and you do get the best out of yourself. I guess, what drives you to be successful?

Mollie: Yeah I don’t know, when I decide that I want to do something, i just know, if you choose to do something you need to be successful at that or else it’s not going to matter and it’s kind of a waste of your time. You want to give it everything you got, you know? Just put your heart out there.

Jake: You’re deciding to go to Florida Gulf Coast University, I’m extremely jealous. Going down south to the state of Florida. Definitely a whole different environment than up here. What drove you to go there and what are you going for?

Mollie: Yeah, it’s kind of a big climate change for sure. Um, I’ve grown up in Marquette. I love Marquette, but i’m kind of tired of the really long winters and I figured that college would be a great opportunity to and explore somewhere new. Over the past couple years I’ve looked at other schools and none of them seemed to be the right fit except for that one. You know, even though i’m not playing a sport down there that’s okay I can focus on academics and they have lots of club sports I can join. So, i’m definitely going to seize that opportunity.

Jake: Your resume in the classroom, extremely, extremely impressive..talk about how do you balance or how did you balance being such a good athlete, but also excelling to the highest level in the classroom?

Mollie: Well, first of all thank you for the compliment. So, I’ve always just been super driven in school. Not seeing an ‘A’ on my report card is just like, you know, you’re like “oh, darn.” kind of thing. So, both of my parent have definitely like pushed me to be my best and work hard. It’s just a lot of keeping yourself organized is like the main thing you have to do.”

Jake: Thank you for taking time out to talk with me. Obviously, good luck down there in Florida. I wish you nothing but the best.

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