Munising, Mich. (WJMN) – For only the second time since Munsinig High School opened in 1980,
their gym got a facelift. The finished product unveiled one of the most unique gyms in all of the U.P.

“Yeah, it’s a little bit different. Now traditionally the gym floor has the woodgrain look to it. We looked at a number of colors and just felt like this fit stang nation a little bit more. When you walk into the gym it definitely catches your eye,” said Deejay Paquette, the elementary principal & athletic director for Munising Public Schools.

The new synthetic floor will dawn a block ‘M’ at its center for the first time and will be accompanied by two alternate mustang logo’s. The word ‘Munising’ and ‘Mustangs’ are positioned on both ends of the court.

“We’ve had that (Mustang logo) on our football helmets for a couple of years now. It’s on our varsity football helmets. As far as the block ‘M’, yes, that’s on our school letterhead. It’s kind of ours, whenever anything goes out from Munising schools you will see that block ‘M’ in orange signifying ‘Stang Nation,” said Paquette.

Munising High School has been known to be one of the hardest places for opponents to secure a road win, but with this upgraded space, when Stang Nation is able to fill the stands again, you can expect this home court to be even more of an advantage for the Mustangs.

“I think it’s just another example that our students can take pride in their school, take pride in their community and they definitely cheer hard for our team. If this in any way helps that, we’re definitely in support of that,” said Pauquette.

The new floor was made possible by leftover funding from a 2017 mileage. That extra cash will also be used for other projects at the school.

I guess the only thing left now is to come up with a name. How about ‘THE STABLE’ let me know what you think…