GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – If you were watching Sunday Night Football between the Packers and Bears on December 20th, you might’ve had to do a double take.

The broadcast showed an Aaron Rodgers’ look-a-like that took the internet by storm. In just minutes, that short clip had thousands of views on the internet and people wanted to know who the man was.

Frank, from Germany, was visiting historic Lambeau Field for the first time with his family. The day started out just like any normal day — tailgating around the stadium district. That’s when Packers’ fans started to approach Frank and take a picture with him because he looked like Aaron Rodgers.

Frank told Local 5 that he’s gotten the comparison before about four years ago when he visited Florida.

It was Frank’s sister who said he needed to go into the Packers Pro Shop and purchase an Aaron Rodgers jersey. That’s exactly what he did before the game and when he entered Lambeau Field for the first time – the rest would become an internet sensation.

Although Rodgers himself mentioned on The Pat McAfee Show that he thought Frank was planted by the Sunday Night Football broadcast – Frank noticed the camera pointed at him during the game and that’s when his face started going around on the internet.

“I didn’t have Twitter or Instagram. I’m not really big on the social media. I started to realize it when the guys sitting near by said, ‘hey man, you’re all over the place!’”, said Frank. “I was like ‘what’? I saw his phone and it already had hundreds of thousands of views.”

People approached Frank all throughout the game for pictures — giving him the celebrity treatment. He said Packers’ fans treated him very respectfully when asking for pictures.

When Frank arrived home to Germany, he told his friends what had happened.

“I live in Germany … I told them what happened and they had to Google Aaron Rodgers”, said Frank.

Since going viral on the Internet, Frank has made a Twitter account and even Rodgers himself follows Frank.

It’s an experience that Frank says that he’ll tell his grandchildren and certainly was a once in a life time trip to Lambeau Field.

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