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Last Sunday, Ratavian Rinkines and family decided they wanted to head to Presque Isle to enjoy the sunshine. Moments after they arrived to Black Rocks, a popular swimming spot at Presque Isle, Rinkines noticed something unusual.

“When we get to that little rocky lagoon by Black Rocks, and uh, we just notice that this couple is standing on top of Black Rocks. So, we just started to watch them and the man jumped in and we just kind of started watching them and at first he was swimming and he liked stopped. He started to splash around and he started to scream for his wife. She just kind of looked down at him and was like, ‘are you swimming’ and I was screaming. I was like, ‘Nah! He Drowning!” said Rinkines, a sophomore defensive back at NMU.

Without thinking, Rinkines sprinted into action.

” I Climbed down there. I helped him. I aided him up to get him to the top. Once he got to the top he told me that he couldn’t swim anymore. His calf muscles had cramped up,” said Rinkines.

When asked about Rinkine’s heroic effort, his head coach said he was proud and it didn’t surprise him one bit.

“He’s always real positive. what he did down at black rocks is a great testament to who he is, and what we want to be here as a football program and how we want to represent northern in the community,” said Kyle Nystrom, Rinkines head coach at NMU.

Rienkines is now being praised a hero after his courageous act.

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