SANDS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – Abigail Yelle’s racing lineage runs deep.

“I come from a long line of family racing,” said Yelle. “So, I figured why not start racing, get with the family and everything. It has always been something I’ve been into.”

“She came to us and said she wanted to try it,” said Ben Yelle, Abigail’s father. “She actually found the car, found the connection, she said she wanted to keep the name going. But she just wanted to keep racing like her grandpa, she wanted to keep going.”

“My grandpa Allan Yelle, he raced here a long time ago, and then he moved to dirt,” said A. Yelle. “He races vintage mod in Escanaba. Then, my brother actually races too. Then my cousin Jeremy and my uncle Todd. All of us just circled together and said we’re going to start doing this.”

Yelle set out on her racing adventure two years ago and is showing she belongs.

“I’ve been getting a couple of first places,” said Yelle. “It feels really good getting first, but even just being out on the track and not getting any places or first it just feels really good.”

Yelle’s sophomore season hasn’t come without speed bumps.

“We did end up blowing up one of my motors early on, but we were able to get it up and running again,” said Yelle. “It worked really well and this year has been really good.”

Not only is she one of the youngest drivers on the circuit, but she’s also one of the few female drivers to get behind the wheel.

“I really do enjoy racing with a lot of guys,” said Yelle. “They are really nice people. They’re always willing to help you, and if you’re willing to help them then they are willing to cooperate. Racing against a bunch of guys honestly does feel kind of weird but still, it’s really good. There is another girl out in the field and she is very sweet.”

Yelle has quickly become an inspiration to the next generation of racers.

“I’ve had multiple people of different ages come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I’ve been watching you and you do so great and it’s really good getting to know you and just seeing you out here on the track makes us all really happy,” said Yelle.

“I have no words for how proud I am of her and how she makes other people feel, that’s just fantastic,” said Ben Yelle. “The volume of people that see her and talk to her about what a great thing she’s doing, I have no words for that it’s just amazing.”

Where will Abi’s racing adventure lead? We’ll have to wait and find out…

“This is her adventure and we’re just along for the ride,” concluded Ben Yelle.

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