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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – During this global pandemic, many people are turning to exercise as a way to break up their days of sitting at home. Running is a great activity that be done while following social distancing guidelines.

“We can get outside right now and we don’t have to jump onto necessarily a busy bikepath. We have tons of different trails we can use out here. Our population isn’t as dense as some of these major cities where those bike paths are really filled up. There’s a lot of opportunities to get out and especially with the gyms being closed right now, just to get out and obviously you can still exercise which is such a benefit and getting that fresh air and being at a safe distance from your fellow runners or your fellow walkers out there,” said Kevin Thomson, the owner of Queen City Running Company.

Exercise can benefit you not only physically, but it can help your mental state as well, something that is important during this long period of self-isolation.

“The key is to just get outside for an hour a day, whether you’re running or walking. You know, get a little bit of physical exercise. Guarantee it’s going to make you feel better. Whether you’re suffering from a little bit of anxiety through all this or maybe some depression or just loneliness. Just to get outside and get some fresh air it really helps open that mental state up and it gets you physical exercise too,” said Thomson.

Queen City Running Co. in Marquette is still open for business. They’re offering a quick curbside pick up service and will ship your shoes if you’re in need. They can also help you find the right shoe with the right fit all online.

“The key to what we actually do is looking at your foot and analyzing that gath and that strike and what shoe matches your foot most appropriately. So, what we basically told people is to give us a call and we can set up something. Whether it be zoom or facetime and we can take a look at that gath and make some recommendations and we can do a curbside pick up or do delivery to your house. We’re shipping for free anywhere across the U.S. Right now. We have a lot of time on our hands and we’re available to them and we’ll use as many resources as we need to do help provide appropriate footwear.”

And if you’re a beginner or looking to get back into running queen city has some helpful tips.

“The first one is, you’re not a 14 or 15-year-old high school athlete again. So, go at it slow and do interval workouts. Do a walk-run kind of program. Make sure you’re stretching before and after. Um, make sure you’re staying hydrated. Don’t try to go out and run at a pace because your friends can run at that pace. Or because you use to be able to run at that pace. Go at it slow. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Again, it takes two or three weeks to go at it slowly and to get over that hump to start feeling normal to a normal daily routine.”

For store hours and for more information on what Queen City Running Co. you can visit their Facebook page.

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