Former Detroit Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell has taken issue with Bye Bye Barry, a new documentary released by Amazon Prime centered on the life and legacy of Barry Sanders.

Mitchell, who was Sanders' teammate for five seasons, posted his disapproval in a social media message Tuesday morning.

"I am so tired of hearing how I was the reason that Barry Sanders never won a Super Bowl," Mitchell wrote. "I'm so tired of hearing how I was not a good QB. My only response is (expletive) you all!!!!! That includes #eminem #JeffDaniels." 

It has been commonly believed the massive contract that was given to Mitchell prevented the team from being able to sign their own free agents, upsetting the future Pro Football Hall of Fame running back. 

Linebacker Chris Spielman, along with offensive linemen Lomas Brown and Kevin Glover, departed. This left the team not as talented in the later stages of Sanders' career. 

Mitchell expressed, "I could argue that their were several running backs that were more complete but I won't. Barry was great!!"

Detroit's former signal-caller was disappointed at the lack of support from his former coach and expressed the team could have had success had offensive coordinator Tom Moore not been fired and Bobby Ross not been named to replace Wayne Fontes. 

"Bottom line, #BarrySanders had everything in Detroit. Everyone loved him. Everything was built for Barry to succeed. In his 10 year career he won one playoff game and the only reason he didn't win more was everyone else was the problem??? How many yards did Barry have in the playoffs in 94,95,97? I'll give you a hint not very many," Mitchell commented. "We all are to blame for not winning a SB in Detroit even Barry Sanders."