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Inside the SportsPen: A Look at ESPN UP

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MARQUETTE - One Michigan native is making a name for himself across U.P. radio waves.

Since an early age, Blake Froling knew he wanted a job in sports. As sports director of ESPN UP, he hosts an hour long radio show called the SportsPen- inviting local sports media personnel to talk about, you guessed it, sports.

"I just try to stay on top of everything relevant," says Froling. "I read all of the news outlets, the Detroit News, the Free Press, the Mining Journal, ESPN, Bleacher Reporter, Sports Illustrated, everything. I just try to absorb it all and then basically filter out the things people around here don't care about and the rest gets put into the show."

A proud Spartan and Michigan native, Blake made the move to the U.P. from Troy. Saying the change in location has been an experience is an understatement.

"The play-by-play coverage with each school basically having their own broadcast, I thought that was absurd when I got up here," said Froling. "Are you serious? That's awesome! It works because the people up here care about it so much because there is no immediate pro team near by. So high school sports is basically king and that's what makes it so fun to do up here."

Through play-by-play broadcasting, Blake's even gotten to know legendary Detroit Pistons broadcaster George Blaha. Someone he looks up to and whose career he'd like to mirror.

"That's just been my goal because, as surprising as it may seem, I'm not the most gifted athlete but I still want to be involved in sports," said Froling. "People ask what would I want to do if I wasn't in sports and I have no answer. This was just it and I was so single-mindedly focused on it."

You can listen to Blake weekdays on the SportsPen from 4 to 5 eastern right here on their website.

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