“One of them is a player by the name of David Keefer. You know, if you came and watched our practice, you could leave practice as say he probably has the most ability on the ice. He’s a great skater. He’s got great puck skills. He’s smart. He’s a transfer from Michigan State, so you know, he’s a natural winger that we’re going to try to play at center next year just because that’s just such an important position in hockey. Some might even argue that it’s most important. He is such a good skater and because he can think, we actually moved him to defense this year in practice so he could practice retrieving pucks, he could practice playing low, he could practice some of those disciplines you need to have to become a good centerman. So, David is one guy that was on our team last year.

Connor Ryckman is a goaltender that, you know, he’ll be vying for the starting position with Nolan Kent this year. Going into the year, I obviously think Nolan has the leg up because he played games last year, but Connor is going to be given every opportunity just like Nolan was last year to become the starter. He’s a player with a division one pedigree that was looking for a home and called us in august and I said, you know, ‘Hey, Connor I don’t know anything about you, I don’t know anything about your game. You’re going to come in here and earned everything.’ You know, he came in and this year he impressed me, he impressed our goalie coach, he impressed our players. So, he’s going to be a large addition of players who were here last year.

Now, another guy that was here last year that didn’t get to play at all was Jett Jungles. Coming in, Jett was a guy, he was a finalist for Mr. Hockey in Minnesota. You know, he’s always been a big scorer. We expected big things out of just last year, but he got hurt in the first game last year against Michigan State. So, now all of a sudden you got three players that our fans didn’t get to see last year that are going to be on our team this year.” – Grant Potulny, Head Coach of the Northern Michigan Men’s Hockey Team.