MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The U.P. All-Star week continued on Wednesday as the all-stars tested their abilities in an NFL-style combine skills competition. Events included the Fastest Man challenge with a 40-yard dash, The Strongest Man challenge with a 225-pound bench press, a Quarterback Challenge, a Receiver Challenge, a Punting challenge, and a Field Goal Kicking challenge.

Two players made the All-Time Record list for their efforts. Chance Bridgers of Hancock, pushed 25 reps in the 225-pound bench press, which earned him second place all-time in that category.  Hunter Potier, Gladstone, threw the ball 58 yards, which was good enough to move into second place all-time in the Quarterback challenge.

For some of the challenges, the players were split into two divisions, lineman and non-lineman. The three events that are split are: Fastest Man, Strongest Man, and Receiver Challenge. 

Results for the Players Challenge are as follows: 

Fastest Man (Lineman): Alex Schlemm (Black Team), Marquette, 40-yard dash = 5.49 seconds

Fastest Man (Non-Lineman): Dryden Nelson (Black Team), Calumet, 40-yard dash = 4.56 seconds

Strongest Man (Lineman): Chance Bridgers (Black Team), Hancock, Bench Press = 225 lbs, 25 reps (2nd All-Time) 

Strongest Man (Non-Lineman): Ryan LaPlaunt (Red Team), Sault, Bench Press = 225 lbs, 11 reps

Quarterback Challenge: Hunter Potier (Black Team), Gladstone, Distance Thrown = 58 yards (2nd All-Time) 

Receiver Challenge (Non-Lineman): Jestin Matusewic (Red Team), Ironwood 

Receiver Challenge (Lineman): George Edington (Red Team), Pickford 

Punting: Brenten Belanger (Black Team), Negaunee, 46 yards 

Field Goal Kicking: Toby Wilcox (Red Team), Kingsford, 40 yards 

The players will next host a Youth Camp at the Superior Dome on Thursday evening from 6:30-8:00 PM.  All kids ages 6 and up are welcome to attend.