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U19 U.P. Baseball League Q & A with Paul Julian


Paul, the U-19 U.P. Baseball League is set to start June 19th. First of all, what is this league all about? Give us some details, who’s going to be participating and things like that.

Paul Julian, Tournament Organizer & Head Coach of the Iron Mountain Golds: Well when the American Legion, you know, we all started our schedules in the middle of winter. Um, and when legion canceled we ended up all talking as coaches and we collectively put together this let’s keep this schedule kind of deal.

Q: Have you talked about how practices are going to be run? Are they going to be run any differently? Talk about what you’re discussion has been about trying to keep everyone safe.

Paul: They are going to be a lot different. Of course, you know, per governor’s rules we can only gather no more than 10. You put a couple of coaches to that or a coach and that’s only nine kids tops. So we’re going to group them. We’re thinking of two groups. One in the batting cage which is a good 600 yards away which is within the boundaries. Then, we’re going to put the other ones on the field and rotate. I’m not letting them near the dugouts. Sanitizing everything after every practice and such like that.

Q: What’s the fan experience going to be like? Are you allowing fans? What’s going to be different about that?

Paul: It’s going to be different just in the seating and concessions part of it. The cities didn’t really want to risk that. You know, people getting to close on bleachers and so on. Same thing with collecting up on concession stands. So, we’re going to rope all that stuff off and not have concessions. People are welcome to bring their own chairs and of course, social distance unless things change by the time game time comes.

Q: From what i’m hearing it’s going to be a strictly u.P. Schedule is that correct?

Paul: It’s going to be a U.P. Schedule at the end of July. We’re not exactly sure about the dates. We’re thinking around July 22nd. The week of that. That’s going to be like the U.P. Championship. We’re going to crown a winner. Almost like the state championship we normally follow. There’s going to be menominee, escanaba, gladstone, us, hermansville, bark river, two in marquette, and negaunee.

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