Congressman Bergman talks tunnels under Straits

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Upper Peninsula Congressman Jack Bergman says he supports the building of the Enbridge tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac to house the Line Five oil pipeline and other utility lines. He also tells the Radio Results Network that he supports building a second, even larger tunnel under the Straits.

“Just in case the Mackinac Bridge goes down and there’s an incident where the governor, under her responsibility, needs to move emergency vehicles and goods and services between the peninsulas,” Bergman told RRN News. “It’s really time for us to take a look at another tunnel there, that can be part of an interstate system, where we could use it not only for commercial, but also for emergency purposes.”

Bergman adds that he could get involved on the federal level to fund such a tunnel, similar to the funding that was approved for a new Soo Lock. And he says that he’s confident that the governor and Enbridge will strike a deal on a utility tunnel.

“We have the opportunity right now to make that giant leap, at no expense to a Michigan taxpayer, to have Enbridge build that tunnel,” Bergman said. “Tunneling is not new technology. We’ve been tunneling in this world for hundreds of years.”

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