(WFRV) – The last weekend of March will come to a close with a full Worm moon that will rise on Sunday, March 28th. 

Peak illumination will occur in the afternoon, however the moon will not be able to be seen until after sunset. In Green Bay, it will rise out of the east at 7:18 pm and set at 7:00 am out of the west. 

There are many nicknames for the March full moon that signify the transition the move from winter to spring. 

The common name “Worm Moon” refers to the earthworms that appear from the warming soil. 

Other names for March’s full moons include the sugar moon, crow moon, and the sore eyes moon. 

Since this full moon is after the spring equinox, it is a Paschal full moon which determines the date of Easter. 

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the name of each month’s full moons were used to help track the seasons historically with many Native American tribes. 

The next full moon will occur in late April, this will be known as the Pink Moon.